The Scrap Welder

Since 2008


Where inspiration, perspiration, and inebriation come together.

Witness what happens when men, scrap metal, and a welder all find

themselves in the same room.



















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These are the geniuses that think up these masterpieces.



Also answers to:  "KK1" / "CPB"

Will not answer to:  "Chuck"

(At least not politely! He will belittle you with quick wit and sarcasm.)

Laughs hysterically when:  anything remotely dangerous or painful happens to Rick

(or anyone else for that matter)

Often heard saying:  "I spilled my drink"

(which simply means he drank it and wants you to fix him another)




Also answers to:  "KK2" / "RD" / "Ridi" /  "Ricky" / "Rancher Rick"

Will not answer to:  "Farmer Rick" / "Mr. Wilkin"

(He won't belittle you.  He'll just kick your ass!)

Laughs hysterically when:  Some one says "Hab u sneen my friend."

(Don't worry.  It's an inside joke that you just won't get)

Often heard saying:  "Damn that hurts!"

(while Charlie is laughing hysterically of course)




Bacardi & Diet Coke

Also answers to: "Rummy" / "Rum me" / "FRQB" / "Is it 5:00 yet?"

Will not answer to: "?"

(Who are we kidding, it will answer to anything.)


Rick would like it to be known that he drinks his Bacardi with REAL Coke.

He feels strongly that Diet Coke is for weaker men.





In Loving Memory

"She was always right!"









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